Fri 31 May - North Dartmouth, MA

Bye bye New York City. North Dartmouth, here we come.

Our month in Chris' Chinatown apartment is over and we are on the move again. We pack up our things and just before 9am, we are in our way. Today is a bit of a stinker, hot and humid.

We get a cab from Worth Street who turns out to be a bit of a kamikaze driver. You know the type, red lights are for decoration, let's see how many times we can change lane etc.

Well, we are physically unharmed but mentally shaken when we arrive at the flash Megabus "terminal" on 34th Street between 11th and 12th Street. The whole block is taken up by Megabus and with routes, it appears, to half of northeastern US. Here is Di trying get find some shade against the relentless heat.

Manhattan is a driver's nightmare. We would not willingly like to drive a car here, never mind as a profession. Sometimes the borough feels just like a giant parking station when nothing seems to move.

It took us almost an hour to just leave Manhattan. The driver went north on 10th Avenue, then 110th Street to 7th Avenue / Adam Clayton Jr Boulevard all the way through Harlem before we left Manhattan on Macomb's Dam Bridge. We left New York City through I87.

An eventful, but somewhat slow drive to Boston, we arrived almost an hour late including a 20 or so minutes break.

We leave the (what we could see) quite beautiful South Station in Boston and pulled our luggage north to 270 Atlantic Avenue where we picked up our hire car for the next month. We have already booked 4 nights in Boston around Independence Day in July, so we will explore then. No photos today.

Well, we like the people at Alamo. The whole transaction was very professionally done and they upgrade us to a Chevrolet Malibu 2013 at no extra cost. Alamo in Scottsdale, AZ was similarly good.

So, soon we are on our way. However, we had been warned that Boston traffic is bad, really bad and they were right. The 58 miles to our destination should have taken 1 hour and 15 minutes when Hans checked on Google Maps earlier. This being a Friday afternoon, it probably took twice as long. Leaving Boston south on I93 was bumper to bumper traffic for quite some time.

Not much to take photos of along the way, but we liked this inventive use of paint to give the illusion of a fortress, which is the name of the business providing "museum quality storage". Nice one.

We find our Best Western motel and check in. Seems quite nice, with an indoor pool, gym and better than average breakfast in a better than average setting. We were told that just up the road there are a number of chain restaurants and soon we are on our way to have some dinner. Those sandwiches and bread rolls we had on the bus had done their thing but were now long gone from our systems, in other word, we were quite hungry.

We passed an Applebee's which looked popular based on the number of parked cars outside of it. We decided to give it a try as we hadn't been there before.

Applebee's is a bar/diner, where you can sit in the bar and drink, sit In the bar and eat or sit in a booth in the restaurant section. The last option was for us.

They had a deal whereby two people got 1 appetizer (entree in Australia) to share and 2 entrees (mains in Australia) for $24 selecting from quite an exhausting list. That was for us. We chose chicken pieces in a sweet and spicy sauce as our appetiser, then mains of half baby back ribs and a shrimp combination. The meals were fine and a bargain for the price. We could eat here again.

Here is Di outside on Applebee's parking lot with our dream machine.

There was a Walmart across the road so we did a stop for travelling provisions (like water and washing powder) before going back to our motel. Exhausted, we were soon in Dreamland...


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